Date with Death by Eve Langlais

10835001 Date with Death by Eve LanglaisDate With Death by Eve Langlais

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A Date with Death by Eve Langlais is a cheeky, erotic tale about a witch and an Aztec god. In beginning of the story, Marigold (a witch) is trying to rid herself of her pesky freckles by ingesting a self-made potion which, unbeknownst to her, could potentially take her life. Mictain, the Aztec god of death acting as a minion to Lucifer himself on assignment to take Marigold’s soul to hell. Marigold spies Mictian before she takes the potion. She is not supposed to see the Aztec god, and he is intrigued even though his assignment is not completed due to Marigold’s refusal to follow through on ingesting the fatal brew. Instead, she invites Death to dinner.

This paranormal tale allows for the reader to make a reality jump in believing in the instant attraction of the leading characters leading to a relationship. The author’s voice is humorous. She often alludes to modern political references when Lucifer comments on incoming “prisoners.” Eve Langlais adds a little mystery and mythical intrigue to grasp her reader into the erotic story. In addition, there is an emotional tug the reader feels toward Mictain. As a god who is normally able to handle strenuous circumstances is oriented into a helpless situation where he is made to feel frustration and longing when his need to assist his lady love. He is placed into a helpless position; therefore, he has to call on help from the Fates.

Eve Langlais has created a delectable read with a love, intrigue, and a snarky voice peppered with very erotic moments which erupt between Mictain and Marigold. I joyfully recommend this narrative to fans of hot, paranormal romance.

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2 Responses to Date with Death by Eve Langlais

  1. Sharon S. says:

    Sounds like my kind of read! Why only 3 stars?

  2. Laurielu says:

    Thanks for letting me know! It was an oversight. I thought I had put 4 stars on my review! Appreciate you!